Birthday Portraits

My girls just turned 6 and 8 years old respectively.  I *tried* to get them to agree to a portrait session with me, but they weren’t the most cooperative (especially when I wanted them to be in a photo with one another and not the cat).  But I still think they are pretty damn cute.


Who We Become – September 2016

September means back to school, and the first few weeks of school have tuckered us all out.  I can’t get enough of the gorgeous morning light on my sleeping girls, though.

Please click HERE to visit Who We Become and see how all my friends are adjusting to the new year.  Or start with my friend Stacey, who hasn’t just started another school year, but has moved from her beloved New York City to the ‘burbs. Click HERE and then follow the links around the circle!


Who We Become – June 2016

This image was taken when I spent the day with one of my dear Who We Become friends, Julie Kiernan.  It was a gorgeous day – Julie and I had lunch (with Alexa) at Ray’s in Ballard and enjoyed this view.  Alexa was only a little disappointed that we didn’t see any seals.  Please visit Who We Become to see everyone’s June images by clicking HERE.  Or you start with my friend Stacey’s post by clicking HERE to follow the circle of links.  KAC_2016_06_06_0121

Who We Become – May 2016

We are getting back to monthly posting on Who We Become.  This month’s images come from a camping trip that we did with Avery’s school at the end of last month.  It was so fun to get back to nature and see the kids love it so.  I especially liked the magical time right around sunset, and apparently so did they.  Please click HERE to visit Who We Become and see all of this month’s images.

KAC_2016_04_29_0268 KAC_2016_04_29_0276