Letters to Our Daughters (12)

I have been participating in a blog circle with some wonderful photographers who are also mothers of girls.  Each month, we write a letter to our daughters to preserve thoughts and memories of this time in our lives.  I treasure being able to do this for my girls and I love the chance to see the messages that my friends leave for their own daughters.  Once you have read my letter, please follow continue on to see what my good friend Colie wrote to her daughter Chloe by clicking HERE.


Dear Avery and Alexa,

As I sat down to write this letter to you, I realized that this is the 12th letter I have written to you in as many months – that an entire year has passed during this project.  I looked back through my letters and photos.  I see how much bigger you’ve gotten, but I also feel like the changes have been happening slowly, bit-by-bit, and I am so glad that I have made the time to document these bits of our lives.  I fear that your entire childhood will manage to slip past my fingers if I don’t make efforts to hold onto bits here and there.


Today starts the first “routine” week of the new year.  A month ago, school was letting out and your Grandma and Abaji were arriving in town for the holidays.  We had a wonderful time visiting with them, as well as some extended family, including your cousins from Singapore.  And then, after they’d left and we’d rung in the new year, your Oma, Aunt Rosi and Uncle Gerhard arrived for a visit.  You charmed everyone and we all had a great time, both out and about showing off Seattle, and staying home playing games and such.  Though we have all been having a ton of fun, I think we are all ready to get back to our routine!  I certainly wouldn’t mind having some normal sleep patterns return.



KAC_2014_01_13_0112Lately the two of you are obsessed with Frozen.  We saw the movie in the theater twice, and recently bought the soundtrack.  We’ve heard “Let It Go” about two dozen times each day.  I think that you know all the words at this point-  Avery even inquired about what “frozen fractals” are! – and you’ve learned how to work our new Sonos speakers so that you can play it whenever you would like.  All these photos were taken while singing and dancing to the soundtrack.  I admit that I really loved the movie as well.  I adore that it is a story about two sisters and their love for one another.  And I love that you are so taken with Elsa, who is a queen in the movie, and has no need to be rescued by some silly prince.  Avery, I was at first a bit surprised that you seemed to prefer Elsa to Anna, who seemed to me to be the more likable sister (not that it is a competition!).  But you’ve let me know that you like that she is the queen, and she has the better dresses as well as the amazing ice powers.  Three cheers for powerful, gutsy, complicated women – with the bonus of an awesome wardrobe.  😉

KAC_2014_01_13_0135This weekend, our dear family friends had a baby boy – little Ozzie.  You were able to meet him yesterday, when he was less than one day old.  We went to their house and you washed your hands and came to meet the baby.  After I’d held him for a little while, Avery you looked at me and said, “Mom, can I have a turn?”  We propped you up in the bed and you held him in your arms just perfectly.  And not long after you’d returned him to me, Alexa, you came over and wanted to hold him as well.  Alexa, you are now about the age that Avery was when you were born, so seeing you hold a newborn brought back lovely memories of bringing you home.  Alexa, you were so taken by little Ozzie, you kept returning to us, to hold him again and again, giving him little kisses on his head.  It was beautiful.  Seeing how sweet and gentle and loving the two of you are makes me feel like my heart could just burst.

You’ve both expressed wanting a baby ever since.  Alexa, as we were leaving, you told us that you wanted to bring him with us “in the car.”  And Avery, you asked us if we could have a baby boy too, to which we have responded, “probably not.”  Although neither your dad nor I are certain that we don’t want more kids, I have to say that our hearts are incredibly full with our family just the way it is right now.  You two are so wonderful and it makes it quite hard to want to change a thing.  We are so lucky to have you.



3 thoughts on “Letters to Our Daughters (12)

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  2. kami, these are so sweet. i love their costumes. i miss those days! i have to admit, i kind of like the soundtrack to frozen as well. xoxo

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