P52.2: Who We Become (15)

Perspective: Isolation

We are continuing our focus on Perspective, with the first month examining the way choice of lens alters one’s viewpoint. This week we are seeking to isolate our subject, whether through the use of a telephoto lens or otherwise.

Telephoto lenses bring distant subjects close by magnifying the scene and, consequently, we are able to view only a smaller portion of it at a time. Moreover, telephoto lenses tend to create a shallow depth of field and compress the background, leaving less environment surrounding a subject, and that environment is often quite blurred. For this reason, portrait artists often use longer focal lengths, so that their subject remains prominent in the frame and other elements are reduced. The consequence, of course, is that the photographer then has fewer elements with which to tell her story.

I have been looking forward to this week, as I got an awesome new lens for Christmas – the 70-200.  I am really enjoying the incredible reach and sharpness of this lens, though I must admit that I am also adjusting to the weight (it’s HUGE!) and the high shutter speed it requires.  I took this image of the Space Needle the other day while waiting for the Duck tour with some family visiting us.  So fun to be able to zoom right up to it!

Please click HERE to visit Who We Become and see the mosaic of images demonstrating isolation.  You can click on any image and it will take you to that photographer’s website.  And please leave us a comment if you like what you see – we love comments.  🙂


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