Project 52: Playing with [Yellow and Orange] Light (3)

Today’s post is for Project 52, a weekly blog project that I am working on with several other talented photographers whom I’ve come to know and love over the past year. In this project, we concentrate on light and spend several weeks exploring an overarching theme. In this month’s theme we are exploring the color of light.  The color of light can change, making it cooler or warmer, or even tinted toward green or magenta.  Sunlight is generally white or neutral in color, but even sunlight may take on a color when it is reflected off another surface or when certain wavelengths are absorbed by the atmosphere or other things.  And artificial light varies in color in many ways, of course.

This week we are concentrating on yellow and orange light.  I suspect that most of my friends will have captured their photos during the golden hour – the hour around sunset when the low sun envelops the world with beautiful, soft, warm light.  That’s what I did!  Yesterday evening, my girls and I went to our local beach on Lake Washington to eat our dinner and play.  The sun set was behind us, so we weren’t in the magic light ourselves, but it lit up the sky and turned the snowy face of Mt. Rainier the most beautiful colors.



Please continue along our creative blog circle to see what my lovely friend Linda Hooper has posted.  Please click HERE to see Linda’s play on yellow and orange light. 

5 thoughts on “Project 52: Playing with [Yellow and Orange] Light (3)

  1. Beautiful, Kami. I love how soft and warm the colors are and what a contrast it is to the snowy mountain. I think it’s time I visit Seattle.

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