Project 52: Playing with Directional Light (1)

Today’s post is for Project 52, a weekly blog project that I am working on with several other talented photographers whom I’ve come to know and love over the past year. In this project, we concentrate on light and spend several weeks exploring an overarching theme. This month we will be exploring directional light.  Directional light is just that – the light isn’t flat, it’s coming from one direction rather than straight on (side light, rim light, up light, etc.).

The below photo of Alexa was taken at our hotel in Washington D.C. this morning, with a large window to her right.  She had been crying – you can still see a couple tears on her face – but a cartoon managed to distract her and calm her enough so that we could get back to packing.  Side lighting tends to be a little bit “serious” or dramatic, and I like how that contrasts with the reality of what was going on.


Please continue along in our creative blog circle to see the beautiful work of my friend Jill Cassara.  Jill lives in Michigan and does stunning lifestyle portraits of her family.  Click HERE to see Jill’s creative play on diffuse light.

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