Playing with Film – B&W free for all – HP5

Over the last few months, I have been further exploring the world of film photography, and I must say that I am really beginning to love it.  As you may recall, I am participating in a part of a blog circle of some lovely photographers also exploring film.  Typically we try out a new type of film each month, but this month is a bit more loosey goosey, with each of us trying any B&W film we’d like.  I shot a roll of HP5 (actually last month, but not too long ago!) and am not sure what I think.  I absolutely love some of these shots – my favorite is the one of Avery sticking out her tongue – but others (especially the ones I’ve decided not to post) I like less and I wonder if I should have exposed them a bit more.  In any case, here are some of my photos and I’d love to hear what you think!








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5 thoughts on “Playing with Film – B&W free for all – HP5

  1. Kami I love the city shots. The HP5 works beautifully for these!! My favourite is also yours – just love it. The glasses and the stripes give it a such a 50’s feel!

  2. Kami these are great! I love all of the curves and the slow shutter of the city shots. But I think the one of Avery is my favorite too. I really like the first OOF one too – it reminds me of Whistler!

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