Project 52: Playing with Diffuse Light (2)

Today’s post is for Project 52, a weekly blog project that I am working on with several other talented photographers whom I’ve come to know and love over the past year. In this project, we concentrate on light and spend several weeks exploring an overarching theme. This month we will be exploring diffuse light.  Diffuse or soft light is the opposite of hard light, which we worked on last November.  Where hard light was small compared to the subject, resulting in dark shadows, soft light is large compared to the subject and results in subtle to no shadows.  Overcast days, open shade, or the sky (as opposed to the sun itself) are examples of diffuse light sources.  Soft light is often the easiest light to use, because it lights your subject rather evenly, but it can sometimes be a little bit boring, a little bit safe.

The light in this image might be a little on the safe side, but that is ok by me.  For Mother’s Day, I wanted a picture of my two cuties together and I got one.  This was taken outside on a bright, sunny day, but the overhang of the building provided some perfect open shade.  This mama couldn’t be happier.


Please continue along in our creative blog circle to see the beautiful work of my friend Erica Collins.  Erica is a mom of five (yes, five!) who lives in Indiana.  Click HERE to see Erica’s creative play on diffuse light.

*** Also, one of Erica’s images from her blog Five Little Ones was nominated to be the April image of the month on Beyond the Wanderlust.  Please visit HERE to see it (it is a backlit image of her son wearing a mask) and consider voting for her.  You can vote by liking or commenting on her image by Tuesday, May 14th.  I love this image and am so very proud of Erica!***

6 thoughts on “Project 52: Playing with Diffuse Light (2)

  1. They are adorable! I love that they are holding hands and their feet are so expressive! What a great location – you got the perfect shot! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Pony tails and polka dots = perfect combo for two adorable sisters! I love the playfulness of their smiles and the gorgeous light on each of them. I’m glad momma was happy!!

  3. What a beautiful shot of both of them! I love the big smile and the firm hand-holding. Adorable. It is indeed a perfect mother’s day gift!

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