Colorado Daily Pics

Earlier this month we took a fantastic ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with some old friends.  It was a wonderful trip and we just loved it!  Here are some daily photos from that week.

Driving from Denver into the mountains, we passed some pretty cool sites.  Here is an old gold mine that I caught while driving by.


April 7 (94/365)

The Fantastic Mr. Fox, of course:



April 8 (95/365)

Avery wasn’t the only one skiing, of course.  Sonya and I hit the slopes with her daughter, Viola, who tackled her first black diamond on this trip!  KAC_2013_04_09_0054

KAC_2013_04_09_0076April 9 (96/365)

Ben wasn’t quite up to skiing yet, but was focusing his energies on learning to walk instead.  He also was really fascinated by my camera – not sure if he wanted to push all the buttons or to try to eat it!

KAC_2013_04_10_0217April 10 (97/365)

In case you’ve ever wondered, private bowling alleys are AWESOME!





Little conversations….KAC_2013_04_11_0414

April 11 (98/365)

Much of the trip was spent just hanging around the house.  Love these people!

Viola got some gymnastics pointers from MimosaKAC_2013_04_12_0472

Turns out V is super strong!KAC_2013_04_12_0512



Avery and Henry bonded over legos.KAC_2013_04_12_0536-2



Ben was busy being cute.KAC_2013_04_12_0499


April 12 (99/365)

Just a shot of my girl.

KAC_2013_04_13_0581April 13 (100/365)


April 14 (101/365)

2 thoughts on “Colorado Daily Pics

  1. Awesome pictures, Sonya’s kids are so grown up and V is def very strong. My fav……Little Conversations!

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