Back in Seattle

I’ve obviously fallen behind on posting my 365 images in the wake of our trip to Hawaii.  I will try to catch up now.

The post-travel bath.

KAC_2013_03_18_012075/365 (March 18)

KAC_2013_03_19_026476/365 (March 19)



Alexa’s new favorite thing is the slide.  She LOVES it!  As soon as she gets down, she is climbing back up to slide again, and she slides with a huge grin every time. My new favorite thing is putting her in pigtails.  How cute are they??




KAC_2013_03_21_004378/365 (March 21)

Doesn’t she look like a little godfather in that lighting?  You know, if the godfather were a cute little toddler girl, eating banana bread?

KAC_2013_03_22_005579/365 (March 22)

Yesterday we spent the day downtown by the water.  We had breakfast at the Lucky Diner in Belltown, then went to the Aquarium (where Avery had her face painted with a little pink whale), rode the giant ferris wheel and had lunch at Pike Place Market.




KAC_2013_03_23_012879/365 (March 23)

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