Playing Hooky

Avery didn’t want to go to school yesterday.  While I’ve never “made” her go, I do insist that she get ready and that we drive there.  In the past, anytime that we have done so, by the time we arrive at school she has decided that she wants to play with her friends.  Yesterday, however, she still did not want to go to school and instead wanted to stay with me and Alexa.  So we had a fun day playing hooky together!  First we went out for bagels.  Then we went to Greenlake to take a walk and play (where she made friends with another girl also named Avery).  We went home for lunch and a nap, but then hit the playground across the street in the late afternoon.  It was one of the most fun days we have had in a while and I think we both needed it!  The day marked a full year that we have been here in Seattle and it was great fun to spend it together, and out in the gorgeous sunshine.  KAC_2013_03_08_0010





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