How I View: Tradition

Over the last year, I’ve taken a number of photography classes through Clickin’ Moms, and I think that my favorite class so far has been Lifestyle Photography with Kids.  Some of the alumnae from that class are participating in a monthly blog circle, posting photos that demonstrate how we view things through our lenses.  Last month we focused on Tradition.

This year, I hosted Christmas for my family for the very first time.  I have wanted to have Christmas morning at my own home ever since Avery was born, but when you live in a tiny Manhattan apartment, that isn’t always a feasible idea.  Now that we live in Seattle, however, we have the space to host.  My parents flew in to celebrate with us and it was wonderful.  I was excited to incorporate many of the traditions that I had growing up – like baking snickerdoodle cookies and serving pierogies on Christmas Eve – and to create some new ones.  I was also thrilled to be able to host a large Christmas Eve dinner, with a large table filled with family and friends.  I was able to use my wedding china for the very first time!!  I have to admit that it was a much more chaotic environment than I tend to prefer for shooting, but that just adds to the authenticity, right?

After taking a look below, please continue along the circle and check out How Erin Watson of Pretty Pixel Photography Views Tradition.

KAC_2012_12_09_0498I’ve loved having a fireplace all winter, but especially for the mood it creates during the holidays.  It makes it feel like Christmas.  Our friend, the Elf on the Shelf, is a new tradition this year.  Avery loved looking for her each morning.


Pretty wedding china!!!

KAC_2012_12_0018During Christmas Eve dinner, I set up the tripod and put the camera on a timer to capture us eating as a group.  It’s not the best photo – and yes, that is me making a stupid face at Alexa during dinner – but so fun to have these real moments captured forever.  And in the background, you can see how we display the beautiful holiday cards we receive – and that we even have mistletoe inside our front entryway.  😉


Nothing is better than Avery’s first moment’s seeing the overwhelming quantity of presents that Santa and her family has brought!  (Her favorite present, by the way, was a box of princess dresses from Auntie Maleeha!).




And then things turn to TOTAL CHAOS – the best tradition of all!  Presents were everywhere, they did include a trampoline that was larger than Paul and I expected, and Alexa’s favorites were her doggies – and snuggling with her Grandma and Abaji, of course.


Thank you for coming to stay with us, Grandma and Abaji!!  We had the best Christmas ever!!!

4 thoughts on “How I View: Tradition

  1. Awww, so wonderful you got the opportunity to host Christmas for your family. What a treat! Really love the camera on timer at the dinner table. Such a great idea. I have to find out where you got your stockings. I have been looking for knitted stockings for years and haven’t yet found someone to make them for us. Please do tell!

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  3. Where to begin…..My Christmas wasn’t Christmas at all without all of you here, missed you all a lot! LOVE the matching Christmas PJ/tutu outfits the girls have on. Alexa’s expressions are so cute….’checking out her loot’. Love her doggies. Love the princess dress on Avery and SO glad she liked them, unfortunately (or fortunately…depends on how you look at it) they didn’t have them in my size 😉 Beautiful china, lovely fireplace, great pics with Grandma & Abaji! Love you all lots! xoxo

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