Sunrise in Miami





A couple weeks ago we were in Miami for a wedding.  Our first morning there, Alexa woke up quite early and, rather than try to convince her to play quietly on the floor, I grabbed her and my camera and headed out to catch the sunrise.  If you know me at all, you will know that this is likely the only sunrise that I will see this year, but if they were all this beautiful I might change my mind.  (Lucky me that here on the west coast we do get spectacular sunsets.)  Sandy was about as close to Miami as it was going to get at that point, so we also got to see some pretty crazy surf, though nothing compared to the horrors that happened up north near where I grew up.  It did mean that this was the only time we got on the beach that weekend.  Now that winter temperatures are here in Seattle, I’m going to be turning to these pictures to warm myself up.

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