It’s Pretty Near the Hellmouth



Digging deep

And he's off!

When visiting my parents house, I was thrilled to find that there were some very cute fuzzy bumblebees around.  I never see the cute fatty ones here in Seattle, so I wanted to get a few shots of them.  While I stalked them with my macro lens, I happened to notice a few regular bees – what I thought were regular bees – buzzing about.  After a few minutes, I saw that they were heading toward a hole in the ground, just to the left of the bush I’d been shooting.  I saw a dozen or more of the little suckers flying in and out of the hole and ran off in fear.  After looking online, I confirmed that they weren’t bees, but yellow jackets – the stinging insects most likely to be responsible for a stinging death and the ones to which I am very allergic – and that they had likely built a rather large nest underground.  (Insert heebeejeebee dance here.)  Never thought that this would be a risky hobby!

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