Who We Become: Artistry (5)

Welcome to Week Five of p52.3 : Artistry.

Each member of our group has taken images for someone else. Some in our group are working photographers. Others may have agreed to do a photo shoot for a friend, or have begun building a portfolio of images in contemplation of going into business one day. A few of us have taken head shots for actors, or have shot musicians for their album covers or publicity materials. Many of us have taken school photos, and some have volunteered to document a wedding or other event.

This week we are sharing images that were taken for a client. We are considering how the considerations of the client may have influenced taking, editing and sharing the photo.  You can find all the images on Who We Become by clicking HERE.


This image is of my dear friend, the talented Barbara Trentalange (she is an amazing painter, as you can see if you click on her name and visit her website) with her daughter.  I know that they are a close-knit, affectionate family, and I prepared for their shoot thinking of ways to convey this sense of them in their images.  When they arrived, however, they were in StarTrek costumes and carrying toy guns so they could have an image for a themed holiday card (“Live Long and Prosper”).  After many giggles and imaginary alien invasions, I made sure to get a few more typical family images.  I wanted pictures that show the three of them interacting and that would capture how I know Barbara feels about being this little girl’s mom.  This one was my favorite as well as hers – so much so that she painted a version as a gift to her daughter (you can find it on her site).  It’s the kind of moment that I love to capture for my clients, that can stand as a reminder for how beautiful they are.

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