Letters to Our Daughters (14)

I have been participating in a blog circle with some wonderful photographers who are also mothers of girls.  Each month, we write a letter to our daughters to preserve thoughts and memories of this time in our lives.  I treasure being able to do this for my girls and I love the chance to see the messages that my friends leave for their own daughters.  Once you have read my letter, please follow continue on to see what my good friend Jennifer Vititoe wrote to her daughter by clicking HERE.

Dear Avery and Alexa,

This month, I am posting a “day in the life” series.  I want you guys to see a bit of what we do on a typical day.  We were lucky to have some gorgeous weather, so that meant we got to spend some time outside, which wasn’t truly typical for this time of year.  But I was thrilled that we got to take advantage.

The mornings are really crazy and it’s so hard to take photos when I am trying to get us all dressed and out the door.  We ran late (not uncommon for us), so when we went to drop Avery at school, we were late and had to wait outside until the door was opened again.  We all got out to wait with Avery on the porch, and she took off her shoes and left them next to her friends’.


Then we waited.


Once Avery went inside, Alexa looked up at me and said, “Go get coffee?”  It’s her favorite thing to do first thing in the morning – and often it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to eat anything.  We walked up the street and then into the coffee shop.  KAC_2014_02_26_0087


That morning, Alexa had cereal and chocolate milk – and since it was warm, I had my soy latte iced.KAC_2014_02_26_0107

After our breakfast, I had to return something to a store, so we went to University Village.  It was a beautiful day, so we didn’t do too much window shopping.  We hung out near the fountain and Alexa threw coins in and then ran around the edge for a while.  KAC_2014_02_26_0137



By that point, it was too late to head home, get lunch there and then head back to Avery’s school for pick up, so we decided to kill the rest of our morning.  We did a bit of window shopping (i.e. climbing up and down the stairs and escalator) and then got some lunch.  KAC_2014_02_26_0178



After lunch, we went back to school to pick Avery up.  Because it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to head to the Arboretum and feed the ducks.  The Arboretum is my favorite local park and I was so happy to be there and enjoying the sunshine with you both.KAC_2014_02_26_0220



And, of course, you both needed snacks.  KAC_2014_02_26_0328


Then Avery wanted to be very helpful and push Alexa in the stroller on the way back to the car.  KAC_2014_02_26_0346

Alexa, you blew kisses to me through the vent – probably for saving you from being pushed off the bridge by your sister, who is still too short to see over the stroller as she is pushing it.  KAC_2014_02_26_0361

We headed home and you took a short nap.  Then dad came home and we ate dinner, and then it was time for bed.  We snuggled up together and read, and then tucked ourselves into sleep, so we could wake up the next day and do it all again.KAC_2014_02_26_0014


I love spending my days with you monkeys.  It’s the best job ever.  I love you both more than words can say.


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