P52.2: Who We Become (1)

It is a new year for our Project 52 and many changes are afoot!  My dear friends and I have loved our collaborative experience so much that we wanted to continue this weekly journey together.  Last year we explored light (you can see all my photos from that project by clicking HERE), and this year we have decided to move on to a new topic – composition.  And because there are now a few more of us, we will be posting our weekly photos each week on a joint website, Who We Become.  The title comes from the following Peter Morville quote: “What We Find Changes Who We Become.”  We are all excited to begin this journey together and to see where it leads us.  We hope you will enjoy it as well.

This first week we are exploring geometry and framing.  Alexa and I happened upon this art installation at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, one of my favorite places here in Seattle.  Please visit everyone’s images by clicking HERE.


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