Playing with Film – Ektar

Over the last few months, I have been further exploring the world of film photography, and I must say that I am really beginning to love it.  As you may recall, I am participating in a part of a blog circle of some lovely photographers also exploring film.  Typically we try out a new type of film each month, and this month we had a choice between Ektar (color) and Acros (black and white).  I am a bit tired of black and white film at the moment, so the Acros is going to have to wait.  This Ektar was shot on my trip to Hawaii earlier this spring, with a few frames when we returned to Seattle.  I find the color to be pretty saturated, with quite a lot of magenta, but I really love the nostalgic feel it creates.  Here are some of my photos and I’d love to hear what you think!












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5 thoughts on “Playing with Film – Ektar

  1. I just love the blue of the pool and the greenery that Ektar produces. I shot a roll at Disney at the pool and love how it turned out. These are great Kami.

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