Letters to Our Daughters (5)

I’ve begun participating in the Letters to Our Daughters project with some wonderful photographers whom I met through Clickin Moms.  Each month, I will be posting photos and writing a letter to my girls.  I love having this opportunity to speak directly to my daughters, to tell them things about our lives today so that they can read about them in the future.


Avery and Alexa,

This letter will be short, because it has been a crazy week – we are about to leave town and mama is terrible about preparing for trips and packing and such.  But it is also important.  This Sunday is Father’s Day and I would be remiss not to talk to you about the absolutely amazing father that you have.  He is a simply wonderful father and whenever I see him with either of you two, I fall in love with him again.  You two are completely smitten with him and I am quite certain that the feeling is mutual.

Lately these days, Dad is a a bit of a rockstar.  He comes home in the evening, and when you hear his key in the lock you two go running for the door, arms in the air, cheering, “Daddy!  Daddy!”  Perhaps I should be jealous, but I actually cannot get enough of the affection you all have for one another.  I love seeing the relationships that you have and I love knowing that you guys have your own special kind of fun for which he is absolutely required.  Daddy is simply superior at many of the games you like to play – putting on shows as a dog or pretending to be a surprise animal hatching from an egg.  At the end of the day, when I am tired and worn out, and I am trying to finish dinner or some other task, he is able to entertain you in ways that revitalize me and make me want to do nothing but join you all on the floor.  And late at night or early in the morning, your daddy’s snuggles are the best.



We are so lucky to have such a fun family.  Although we get to do so many exciting things together, the truth is that the best times are anytime that we have together.  Our ordinary, everyday times.  I look forward to celebrating Father’s Day together this weekend and showing your dad the love that he deserves, and I hope that, years from now when you read this, you know the kind of love that your dad has for you everyday.  We are both so happy that this is our family.


Please click HERE to read the letter that my dear friend Emily Jackson wrote to her daughter Claire.  My family was lucky to visit with Jackson’s recently – it has been much too long since we’ve seen them – and it was so fun to see Alexa and Claire playing together.  Here is a picture of Paul holding both these little ladies:


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