Playing with Film – Portra 160

Over the last few months, I have been further exploring the world of film photography, and I must say that I am really beginning to love it.  As you may recall, I am participating in a part of a blog circle of some lovely photographers also exploring film.  Each month we will be trying out a new type of film and posting our results.  This month, we shot Kodak Portra 160.  I have been really enjoying the results I got with the Portra 160 (and perhaps particularly in combination with my new film camera, the Nikon F100), so I am going to do a bit of an overshare, once again.  Here are some of my photos….

These first few were taken on our trip to Colorado with some dear friends.  Ben is *such* a cutie, don’t you agree?




I just adore this shot of Avery “posing” for me.  She managed to get quite cold in the process!


These next couple were taken for a project I’m doing in one of my film classes, but I like them so much that I had to share:



Back in Seattle, this is the face Avery makes when she doesn’t want to do what I have asked her to do (check out those lips!) – and then proceeds to ignore me, of course:



And the rest were all taken at the tulip festival in Skagit County (, which I love so much that I am going to twice this year!







Please continue around our blog circle and check out the work of my dear friend Linda Hooper by clicking HERE.

5 thoughts on “Playing with Film – Portra 160

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  2. Love all of these, Kami! The series of the girls in the tulip fields with the boots are my favorites!! Great job!

  3. Hmmm where to begin with this post……Ben is a cutie 100%! LOVE Avery’s posing, even when is pouting, she’s looking so grown up! The tulip fields are STUNNING & I would LOVE to plan my next visit around this time of the year, would be the closest I’m going to get to Keukenhof NL for a while. Love seeing your two precious flowers amongst all the fields of flowers. Love Alexa & her rain boots! Tulips are just amazing. Gorgeous shots! Love them!

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