Project 52: Playing with [Morning] Light (1)

Today’s post is for Project 52, a weekly blog project that I am working on with several other talented photographers whom I’ve come to know and love over the past year. In this project, we concentrate on light and spend several weeks exploring an overarching theme. Today we embark on a new theme, in which we play with light at different times of day.  This first week we will explore morning light; in the second we will look at afternoon light; in the third, evening light; in the fourth, night.

Morning light is typically very soft and diffuse.  The sun is low in the sky, so it is the sky reflecting the sunlight that lights your subject, rather than the sun itself, resulting in lovely soft light without harsh shadows.  Of course, this morning was a typical Seattle morning, so we had a bit of rain and lots of cloud cover that resulted in some really boring, flat light.  Avery and I headed out to get some coffee, but I agreed to a stop at the parking lot down the street so she could stomp in some puddles first.  Hey, when the light is boring, you’ve got to get your kicks somehow.  😉  A lovely morning with my girl.





Please continue along our creative blog circle to see what my lovely friend Kim DuPree has posted.  Kim lives in Texas and, in addition to taking photos of her lovely children, takes stunning photographs of high school seniors.  Please click HERE to see Kim’s play on morning light.

10 thoughts on “Project 52: Playing with [Morning] Light (1)

  1. Awww, what fun! Gorgeous reflection in the first photo – I love the pops of pink on her coat, reflection and the trees. And what a big girl, relaxing apres jumping. So THIS is what typical Seattle weather looks like! 🙂

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