Let Them Be Little (82)

It’s Spring Break this week and one of the themes has been letting them eat pretty much whatever they want.  This is how you eat pizza when you are 5 (until your mama reminds you that you are from New York and you remember to fold it and eat it properly).  😉  Let Them Be Little is up – please click HERE to visit the blog and see all the images.


Let Them Be Little (81)

We visited the tulips this week!  We love the tulip festival so much that we are sure to go again.  For me it’s the flowers and the photo opportunities.  For the girls, it’s the mud and the ice cream.  Whatever keeps them happy!  😉  Please click HERE to visit Let Them Be Little and see all the littles this week.


Let Them Be Little (79)

We have been hit by the germs this week.  Both my girls are on antibiotics (and between the two of them, they’d only been on antibiotics *once* before then since they were born).  This image is from yesterday waiting to see the doctor at Urgent Care.  Please click HERE to see how the other littles are faring on Let Them Be Little.


Let Them Be Little (79)

This week on Let Them Be Little we are revisiting one of our favorite projects: the 90-second challenge.  We photograph our kids for 90 seconds (give or take) and record the results.  This time I took pictures of my girls together, so you can see how they interact.  It’s pretty hilarious.  Please click HERE to see all the 90-second collages over on Let Them Be Little.


Let Them Be Little (75)

I missed last week’s Let Them Be Little because we were visiting Whistler.  We sent the kids to ski school so we could ski – and we made them go even if they didn’t want to, so that we could ski.  So I probably wasn’t really letting them be little, but Mama loves to ski!  Check out the other cuties by clicking HERE.